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April 2, 2012 / bonniesavage

Camera Cookie Campaign

For my latest mailout campaign I have decided to send out camera cookies. Delicious cookies carefully crafted to resemble cameras.

Image of Diana cookie

The above cookie is designed to look like a camera from the 60’s called Diana. The base is a butter cookie, and royal icing adds the colour.

Photograph of Polaroid cookie

This one is designed to replicate a polaroid camera from the 60’s.

photograph of photos printed on a biscuit

I also had some of my photographs printed on some of the cookies, so that they look like polaroid prints. They are completely edible and some of them are specific jobs I’ve done for clients.

photograph printed on cookie

camera cookies designed like 60's cameras

Bonnie Savage logo sticker on the cookie

I used stickers with my logo and website details to seal the back of the packaging and keep them fresh, then I wrapped them in brown paper and string ready to send. After my view master campaign, I am getting pretty skilled at wrapping boxes in brown paper!

cookies all wrapped up

photo of half eaten cookie



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  1. Courtney / Jul 13 2012 3:43 pm

    Wow, What a great Idea!!

  2. Becky / Nov 17 2012 7:26 am

    Where did you get your pictures printed onto edible paper for the cookies? So cool!! 🙂

    • bonniesavage / Nov 22 2012 10:04 am

      There’s heaps of places that do it online. I went with a place in Texas who made the biscuits as well. Just google edible photo printing and you’ll find somewhere near you I’m sure.

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